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Sascha J. Hauk

Photographer & Director

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Sascha J. Hauk is an international award winning photographer and director. He was born in Mannheim in 1981 and grew up in Mannheim and Karlsruhe. Since 2009 he has been living in the lovely city of Hockenheim, though the world has become his extended home.


He is an accredited full member of the AOP – Association of Photographers in London/UK, he is also a BFF-Professional photographer in the honorable BFF (The Professional Association of Freelance Photographers and Film Creators).


Sascha has a candid, transparent and detailed work ethic which enables him to interact with the customer and produce authentic pictures which speak more than words.

His main areas of his freelancing photography and work as an Creative Director are portrait-, corporate-, advertising- and fine art photography.

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2018 Finalist Best of Photography 2018 at the Photographer´s Forum in Los Angeles, Rush the City

2018 Nominated at the International Color Awards, Fine Art, Abandoned Houses

2018 2 times Nominated at the International Color Awards, Architecture, Abandoned Houses

2018 Finalist at the One Eyeland Photography Award 2017, Abandoned Houses

2017 1st Place, category winner at the IPA (International Photography Awards) for: „Abandoned Houses“

2017 Honorable Mention at the IPA (International Photography Awards) for: „Center for Astronomy“

2017 Sony World Photography Award „In a RAW state“ one of the best 50 of 105.692 pictures out of 182 countries

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2020 Gallery exhibition – Prince House Gallerie Mannheim

2020 Artfair Mannheim

2020 BFF Group Exhibition in Düsseldorf

2019 Foto.SCHAU! Stadt Weikersheim

2019 Published in the Book: Germanys best Photographers 19/20

2018 Group Exhibition in LA – Photographers Forum

2018 Group Exhibition in Stuttgart – Three Artists

2018 Published in the Book: Germanys best Photographers 18/19

2017 BFF Group Exhibition in Stuttgart – Draufsicht (Top View)

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Partial Client List

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Bilfinger SE / BMW Group / Buhl Data /CDU/ Daimler / EBS (European Business School) / Eyevis / GetSafe / Golf Club Heidelberg Lobenfeld / Golf Club St. Leon Rot / IHK Rhein Neckar / Kinderhelden e.V. / KIT (Karlsruher Institut of Technologie) / Land Baden-Württemberg (Government of BW in Germany) / Löwen Entertainment / Mercedes Benz Trucks / Netflix / Porsche / RMG News (Los Angeles)  / Rowe Mineralöl / Ross Marine (US Yacht Company) / SAP SE / SMG-GCSLR (Sports Management Group) /Solutive AG/ Sparkassen Immobilien Heidelberg / Süd Zucker / Tauberphilharmonie / TEDx (ideas worth spreading) / US-Airforce / US-Army /Walter Knoll/ ZDF Mein Wiso/uvm…….

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